We have tutoring centres in Woolwich, Thamesmead, Kidbrooke and Plumstead.

  • Woolwich Polytechnic School, Hutchins Road, Thamesmead SE28 8AT (10am to 12pm)
  • Plumstead Manor School, Old Mill Road, Plumstead SE18 1QF (10am to 12pm)
  • Thomas Tallis School, Kidbrooke Park Road, Kidbrooke SE3 9PX (1pm to 3pm)
  • Clockhouse Community Centre, Defiance Walk, Woolwich SE18 5QL (1pm to 3pm)

Our centres are open every saturday in the morning and afternoons.

Morning Centres

  • Woolwich Polytechnic School - 10am to 12pm
  • Plumstead Manor School - 10am to 12pm

Afternoon Centres

  • Thomas Tallis School - 1pm to 3pm
  • Clockhouse Community Centre - 1pm to 3pm

Yes - although we highly recommend two hour lessons as we are able to secure the learning for the day better and are able to make more progress.

Our tutors work in small groups. We have between 2 and 4 children being supported by 1 tutor. In addition there is an overall lesson supervisor that also contributes and directs the learning. Our students are fully supported at all times and also have the time to work independently.

No - we do not charge for absences but please inform us of any planned absences as soon as possible.

Our tutoring centres are open every saturday throughout the year. We are closed for two weeks during the christmas period and two weeks during the easter period. Any further unplanned closures will be announced to members (via text message) in advance as much as possible.

Our youngest students are 5 years old and in year 1 of primary school. Our oldest students are GCSE students and A Level students. Spaces for A level students are very limited.

We provide mathematics, english and science for children of all abilities.

We also provide support for the 11plus common entrance exams.

We follow and extend beyond the National Curriculum when required.

We charge £15 per hour.

We provide a 10% discount for siblings attending 2 hours each

We provide all learning materials that your child will be using during the lessons. Please ensure they bring their assigned books and homework each saturday.

No, we provide a free service to help you connect with private tutors. Search on our website, email us or call us, we are happy to help.


We aim to ensure all tutors listed on our website are responsive and available. If the tutor you contacted has not responded then please contact us so we can assist.

Simply sign up as a student and you will be able to review the tutor listed on our website. Note: We are currently working to build this into our website and this functionality will be available shortly.

We encourage all the tutors on our website to submit ID and DBS in order to verify their identity. Tutors that have done this will have a verified badge and you can filter results to show verified tutors only. There are also tutors on our website who have not been verified but we make you aware so you can decide for yourself.

We can help you find a tutor. Just contact us and let us know what your requirements are and we will try our best to support you.

Unfortuntely, we can only connect you with tutors that are actively using our services. A tutor can choose to stop or restart with us at any time so if your tutor is not on our website we are unable to connect you unless they restart their service with us.

We do not take part in the transactions between you and a tutor. Each tutor will have specific preferences of how they would like to be paid. Most tutors will accept cash, bank transfers or paypal.

You can message the tutor directly from our website and their responses will be delivered to your inbox (please check SPAM folder). Some tutors will also have their mobile numbers displayed if you would prefer to text or call.

We advertise regularly to students looking for tutors on google, facebook, local newspapers, leafleting and much more. We direct customers looking for private tutors in their local area to the tutor that matches their requirements best!

If you have good qualifications (GCSEs, A-levels, Degrees etc.) in a specific topic then you may be a good candidate for tutoring jobs. However, what makes you a great tutor is your ability to explain and help someone understand a new concept, whatever it might be.

No. However, we currently receive a high volume of requests for tutors which we direct to the tutors who advertise with us. Your advert will be seen by those searching our website for tutors and we'll keep you in mind when we receive enquiries outside of our website e.g. via telephone. The amount of requests you get will depend on your local area, the subjects you teach, the level you teach at and also your price.

No, you simply need to know the topic you teach well, know the curriculum and be able to explain it well to someone else.

You are paid directly by the student. The price you charge and your payment methods are entirely up to you. Most tutors accept cash, but bank transfers and paypal are good options to have.

Your profile will not show up unless you have a profile picture. Your account may be deactivated if your profile picture is inappropriate e.g. shows a celebrity that is clearly not you.

We charge £5.99 per month. This is a fraction of what you would pay if you were working with a tutoring agency. You can earn that back with less than an hour of tutoring each month.

Yes - just let us know what service you provide and we will add it very quickly so you can be found.